Our story

World class, passion & energy since 2018

HOSTEDBY sells, develops and builds homes - that we ourselves want to live in. 

We always start from the people behind the property or apartment dream: for some it's a dream of a holiday home, for others an investment. But if the truth be told, it sounds pretty rigid. A home can't be much more than four walls, maybe a beautiful view and an infinity pool. A home is something else entirely. It has heart, life and hospitality!

We have been on the Costa del Sol since 2018. Our real estate agents are hand-picked property experts and hosts who help people from all over the world with their property or apartment dreams on the Spanish Costa del Sol.

With competence, passion, focus and energy, we take on the great task of being by your side until the keys are in your hand, or your home has a new owner - and for a long time afterwards. 

How we work

Our concept is simple. Working closely with you as our client, we capture the essence of the assignment itself, and then put the individual plan towards a home deal that you will be 100% satisfied with.

Being a real estate agent is about more than helping people buy and sell homes. Or at least the road to signatures is, on paper, lined with so much more. Aside from knowing the law, banking, legal procedures and contracts, we're convinced that the soft values determine how your experience of one of life's biggest deals turns out. 

We see it as hosting. Just as we all love to be seen by the host at that colourful party - so our estate agents provide the hospitality on the journey to a successful home deal. Throughout the process, trust, service, energy, focus, responsiveness, hospitality... 

Hence our name: HOSTEDBY.

Hospitality our way



The journey to a successful housing deal is HOSTEDBY: Daniel, Carolina, Frida and all the others who make up our team with energy and enthusiasm. Once the contracts are signed and the keys handed over - then another hosting begins.


Then it is the buyer who becomes the HOST of his new home. You become the host who will make your family, friends and guests feel welcome in their new home. A place where thousands of memories will be made.

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